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Rogers New Technology HS

Annual Report to the Public

Fall 2017

Dr. Lance Arbuckle – Director/Principal



Mission: To positively impact our community, RogersNTHS empowers both learners & facilitators to seek challenges and take risks, valuing growth as much as success, in order to develop transferrable knowledge, skills, & habits to the world of work by creating a culture of learning that allows all learners – adults and students alike – to excel in a rigorous & collaborative environment.


Goal: To help learners as they work to become college & career ready, to meet student achievement levels required by ESEA, and to meet or exceed the state attendance rate.


During 2016-2017 RogersNTHS enrolled 637 learners in grades 9-12. All 9th & 10th grade learners participated in the ACTAspire assessment with very positive results. RogersNTHS tested 100% of students resulting in the school exceeding the student achievement requirements set by the state. In addition, 50% of RogesNTHS student learners achieved STEM ready status. In addition, 75.6% of students were proficient/advanced on ELA, while 39.6% students were proficient/advanced in math. Data for 2016-2017 is also collected concerning how learners feel about their experience at RogersNTHS. What follows is a summary of that data:


Connected to their school


Peer Relationships on Campus


Adult Relationships on Campus


Proud of RogersNTHS



Through ongoing feedback, professional development, use of project based learning instructional practices, and early & often intervention Rogers New Technology HS will continue to build upon the experiences of learners to ensure graduates are college & career ready. RogersNTHS will continue to acquire various forms of feedback to make annual determinations concerning the direction of our institution.